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Department of Economics is one of the eight main departments of Ghoom Jorebunglow College. Initially the department provided only the general courses. However from the year 2009 the Honours & Programs Course started to function. Since then several students have been graduating from this department and not only acquiring higher education but also achieving success in the fields of Research, Education and Administration. We aim to produce students of highest quality by providing proper guidance through books and practical applications. For the better understanding of the subject the department also conducts surveys and excursions for the students.
I Year
  • DSC101 – Introductory Microeconomics
  • DSC102 – Mathematical Methods for Economics-I
  • DSC203 – Introductory Macroeconomics
  • DSC204 – Mathematical Methods for Economics-II
  • DSC305 – Intermediate Microeconomics-I
  • DSC306 – Intermediate Macroeconomics-I
  • DSC307 – Statistical Methods for Economics-I
II Year
  • SEC301 – Basic Computer Applications
  • SEC302 – Business Project Formulation & Entrepreneurship Development
  • DSC408 – Intermediate Microeconomics-II
  • DSC409 – Intermediate Macroeconomics-II
  • DSC410 – Statistics and Econometrics
  • SEC403 – Insurance Market and Products
III Year
  • DSE704 – Topics in Public Economics
  • DSC613 – International Economics
  • DSC614 – Public Economics
  • DSE705 – Tribal Economics
  • DSE706 – Comparative Economic Development (1850-1950)
  • DSE707 – Topics in International Economics
  • DSE708 – Dissertation/ Project

Mr. DarpanChettri (Asstt. Professor)

Asst. Prof Darpan Chettri received his Master’s Degree from University of North Bengal in 2018 with specialization in Advanced International trade and Econometrics.He graduated from the Darjeeling Government College, with bachelor degree in Economics in2016.He also successfully completed the course in Diploma in Financial Accounting under West Bengal Council of Technical Education (W.B.S.C.T.E).

Ms. Remo Chhetri (Asstt. Professor)

Completed Her M.A. (Economics) from the University of North Bengal, With Specialization in Advanced International Economics and Econometircs. She is the recipient of Silver Medal at the U.G. Level and Gold Medial at the P.G. Level. She passed National Eligibility Test (NET) In the Year 2018

Ms. PrassanaThakuri (Asstt. Professor)

Completed Her M.A. (Economics) from University of North Bengal with Specialization in Agriculture and Advanced International Trade.

I don't know the exact percentage of students who got placed from our course. However, many students from my class and other sections of economics Honors got placed.

Aditya Lama

B.A Economics

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